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Don’t Be in a Race to Be Mediocre

Posted by Greg Carter

Development is a marathon, not a sprint. When the season begins there is an appetite for immediate satisfaction in the way of goals, wins and championships.

It’s true everyone wants to win each and every game, but winning the last game is more important that winning the first game. Great coaches enter the season focused on development. Developing individual skills for each player, as well as developing team play and the chemistry that it takes to win championships. This development is what leads to goals, wins and championships.

If the players and team are performing at the same level and the end of the season as they did at the start, the results are not going to be favorable.

This season don’t be in a hurry for mediocrity. There are decisions being made by coaches that have the long term success of the team in mind, versus short term satisfaction. Yes, coaches want to win every game, but with the development of the players and team at the forefront.

We had a team with an amazing first power play. It would be easy to always put that first unit on each and every power play, regardless of time of year or score of game. However in order to develop more players, the second power play unit was used throughout the season.

When playoff time came, the top scorer and leader of the top power play got injured. It was fortunate that other players with a season worth of experience were able to step up. The coaches were never rushing development and sacrificing long term development for short term gain!

We hope your season is off to a great start, and for those just finishing a season, we hope it ended with a win!

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