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Thomas Edison once said: “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent inspiration.” While Thomas Edison was not a hockey player, he was indeed a brilliant man and his philosophy can easily be translated to sports.

As we look back over the 2022 NHL Playoffs there have been many awesome games where teams battled incredibly hard, scored some amazing goals and fought like warriors until the final buzzer. Plenty of both inspiration and perspiration!

As summer begins and the NHL season winds down with the best of seven series to take home hockey’s most coveted trophy, youth hockey players will be watching and dreaming of one day playing on such a grand stage.

There is that old saying that dreams are just dreams without goals. The best hockey players set goals for their summer hockey training, defining areas of their game that need improvement, and then they go out and make it happen.

This is where perspiration meets inspiration. 

We hope that you do dream big and more importantly, we hope that you do something about it. There are many great skills, drills and even thrills that can be accomplished during the summer months. If you are still undecided about how to align your inspiration with perspiration, we invite you to train with us this summer!

We dropped the puck on our 2022 Greg Carter European Summer Hockey Schools and will be training youth hockey players all summer long across 11 states. While many of our camps are sold out with waiting lists, we do have limited space in select camps. Please check out our website for details by clicking here.

We hope you enjoy the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs and thank you for reading!



We have been training youth hockey players since 1994 . . . and we have no idea where those years went! As we reflect back and look forward (especially to this summer) there is no shortage of success stories from our journey to a best youth hockey school in the United States!

These successes include enhancements in our training regiments, drills that evolve each and every year to give youth hockey players the best chance to succeed, and also some thrills such as the dozens of players who have gone on to play prep, junior, college and even professionally! 

In many of our Player Tips articles we talk about the fact that youth hockey development is a marathon, it is not a sprint. It takes time to master all of the skills necessary to become a complete hockey player, and it does not happen overnight. 

We also talk about setting goals for your summer hockey training. Setting goals should include a realistic look back at your season and identifying which skills you need to work on most. Also which skills you need to learn and bring into the next season. 

Whether it’s skating, shooting, passing, stickhandling or very specific skills such as edgework, our Pro Staff is here to help dial it in! With 28 years of experience we pride ourselves on hiring the best staff possible so that each and every ice session is an opportunity to tap into knowledgeable coaches who know the game and care about your development. 

In addition to our on-ice success we have also had plenty of off-ice thrills, such as the time we encountered a giant black bear at our Alaska camp, talk about intimidation! 

We invite you to experience our skills, drills and thrills this summer at one of our camps located in 11 states. We have limited spots still available at select locations and would love to help take your game to the next level.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you on the ice this summer!



Train The CARTER Method This Summer

Posted by Greg Carter

When it comes to training for youth hockey players, it’s important to choose the right training method. We invite you to train the CARTER method this summer! 

What exactly is the CARTER method?


Our hockey camps educate all students on the importance of body control. We have designed a sequence of drills to help them understand and enhance body movements to improve their overall balance and body posture. 


Our unique training methods focus on quick lateral movements and foot work. With proper body control and weight distribution, students will develop evasive techniques, make them more effective hockey players. 


Hockey is a read and react game. Reflexes and split second decisions affect the game. Increasing your hockey skills (skating, stick handling, shooting, checking and edge control) helps to improve all aspects of the game. Through the CARTER METHOD we raise the level of play and quicken your reflexes.


We teach and improve hockey techniques under controlled situations and through repetition. We then incorporate speed once the proper techniques have been mastered. 


Edges are challenged and enhanced throughout the week using control and overspeed drills. Edges are incorporated into the skating stride through Power Skating and Dynamic Skating.


Individual Skill Development. All of Greg Carter’s European Hockey School Training Camps work on total skill development through the use of European training equipment, parallel bars, and carousels. 

Thank you for reading! Although many of our summer 2022 hockey camps are sold out, we have limited space left at select locations. To check on dates and locations CLICK HERE.



Our staff gets asked the same questions by parents every year, including how will my player develop and who will they meet at summer hockey school?

One of the many great things about hockey camp is the people you meet. Players, coaches, trainers and families from all over the country come together for this special week and it’s nothing short of an awesome experience to skate, talk and learn from others. So who will you meet at hockey camp this summer? Here are 5 people you are sure to have fun with and create lasting memories.

The Coach. We all have a coach who makes an impression on us, and some of the best coaches are those who teach you new things, in a way you have never been instructed. Each summer at camp our students create a bond with a coach that extends long after the week of camp is over. Many keep in touch throughout the season, and we are very proud of our knowledgeable and personable coaching staff.

The New Buddy. Going to a hockey camp can be intimidating, especially when doing it for the first time or going alone. Over the years we have watched kids show up the first day and hardly say a word to anyone, and end up being the kid we can’t keep quiet by the end of the week. Everyone finds a buddy at hockey camp and like the coach, those relationships often last beyond the last day of camp.

The Skillmaster. This one is kind of difficult to explain, but think the top scorer, mixed with a gift of gab and a healthy dose of confidence. Every camp has the player that has worked their tail off and has become just a step faster and a goal better than everyone else. We like these kids at camp because they motivate and inspire – one way or another- for the rest of the players to be just as good as they are.

The Most Improved. The first day at camp is always exciting for everyone, including the staff. We really enjoy getting to know the kids, assessing their talents and identifying their areas for improvements. What we really look forward to on the last day of camp is deciding which player has worked the hardest and developed the most during camp. We have a motto at camp: “get better every day”.  And we push players to do just that.

The Class Clown. This is the kid everyone at camp instantly connects with, keeps the group bonding and always has something funny to say. Oftentimes the class clown is also the hardest worker and most respectful. But one thing is for certain, he/she is always funny.

There are no shortages of stories, lessons and learning that takes place at hockey camp, and we hope you choose to improve your game and make your memories at our hockey camps this summer. Space is filling up fast so claim your spot in the starting lineup before it’s gone! For a complete list of dates & locations click HERE.



Shape Up For A Super Summer

Posted by Greg Carter

With the youth hockey season winding down, it’s time to start planning a super summer!

Summer hockey will be here faster than a NHL’ers slapshot. The question being asked around hockey rinks everywhere is, where and when are you going to train this summer?

In past Player Tips articles we have talked about the fact that to be the best, hockey players need to set goals like the best. Based on the success – and failures – this hockey season, what are your goals for training this summer? How committed are you to taking your game to the next level.

In a recent article a top player was being asked about their incredible shot and ability to score goals with pinpoint accuracy. This players response was simple: “I shoot more pucks than anyone that I know.”

An old coach used to say that for everyone one great hockey player, I’ll show you 100 that had the same ability, but didn’t work on fundamental skill development and do what it takes during the summer to become a better hockey player.

Summer Training

If you are ready to shape up for a super summer and take your game to the next level, we invite you to train with us at one of our hockey camps located across 11 states. We have summer hockey camps in Alaska, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia and Rhode Island. 

Our summer hockey school is designed to build your fundamental skills. Our camps include Total Skill Development Camps, Skating/Edge/Stickhandling Camps, Defenseman/Shooting and more. 

All of the Greg Carter European Hockey Training Camps focus on individual skill development to help students become more complete players. Through our unique drills, students will improve their control, agility, reflex, technique, edge, and muscle retention skills. Our approach enables our students to learn each skill in a controlled environment and then apply speed and game situations to complete the lessons.

Good Luck!

We wish you the best of luck with the rest of your season and thank you for reading. Please reach out with any questions and we hope to see you at the rink soon!


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