3 on 3 League

2017 GAME ON!

It's our 3 on 3 half Ice Summer League

Come join Greg Carter’s European Hockey Training School’s Developmental 3 on 3 and see what everyone’s talking about!

GAME ON! It's our 3-on-3 half ice summer league!

If you're looking for a fast-paced, competitive, fun league this summer, this is the place. Our 3-on-3 league will challenge young players to put their crafty moves to work in a half-ice game where their speed and skill will be tested on every shift!

Half-ice games allow each player to experience the whole game in a smaller, faster-paced setting. Players touch the puck more often and get more scoring chances than in traditional games, and the tighter space means more passing and deke moves, too. Half-ice games also force players to keep their heads up, make quick decisions, and improve their reflexes and reaction times. These critical skills will transfer back to the full ice when next season starts.

Dates: 6/19/18 - 8/7/18
Cost: $250
Location: Valley Sports Arena #2, Concord MA


  • Jersey
  • (3) 20min games per week
  • FUN

The Most On-Ice Instruction.
The Best Results.

Using the CARTER Method, skaters build on each days' skills and are challenged to reach their full potential as the hockey camp progresses. We don't teach systems or plays at our hockey schools – we leave that to your team coaches. We don't spend time off ice, either.

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We can help you reach your full potential.


"Greg and Joe,

I feel it absolutely necessary to take a moment and thank you and your staff for the Greg Carter Camp m…"
– Anthony Reda- Dupage IL
"Hi Greg,

I want to share with you the story below. We believe that a big part of John's development is camps like yo…"
– Debbie Lane, Lemont IL
"Dear Matt/the Chilled Ponds Team, and the rest of the Greg Carter European Hockey Summer Camp Team:

We want to say, …"
– ​Kim Henry; Hampton VA

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