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Hockey 2016 – By The Numbers

Posted by Greg Carter

2016 was another great year on the ice. Running hockey camps in 10 states again reminded us just how awesome this sport really is in the U.S.
Here are our some of the stats – and a black bear – behind the great states that we enjoy working in each summer!

We started out our hockey camp in Alaska with a black bear greeting us at our cabin. Hockey is alive and well in the Last Frontier. There are nearly 9,000 players in Alaska and the state currently has 16 men’s Division 1 players and 8 women playing Division I hockey.

Connecticut is one of our favorite spots with more than 13,000 players registered with USA Hockey. The also have a nice roster of Division I players including 30 on the men’s side and 15 on women’s teams.

Illinois is a hotbed of “Blackhawk’s hockey” with 84 Division I men’s players (5th most) and 35 women (3rd most). Illinois also has more than 31,000 total hockey players and is always a fun place to train aspiring young athletes!

New Hampshire hockey families are passionate about the game. With around 6,000 players in the state this season, they have the same number (13) of both men and women playing Division I.

New Jersey loves their Devils and has just under 20,000 players in the state. They also have 45 men’s Division I players this season and 4 on the women’s side.

New York is always among the leaders in the U.S. registering just under 50,000 players! We love our camps in the state that has 94 men’s Division 1 players this season and 33 women.

There are just over 30,000 players in the great state of Pennsylvania, all admiring the recent Flyers winning streak, or wanting to grow up and be like the incredible Sid Crosby. 47 men’s players and 9 women Division I players hail from Pennsylvania.

Vermont registers just under 5,000 players and has 3 men and 10 women playing Division I hockey this year.

Virginia has just over 10,000 registered players and 5 men and 2 women playing Division I hockey.

Finally, we close with our home state of Massachusetts, where we love the Bruins; and the Red Sox! Massachusetts (113) ranks third only to Michigan (145) and Minnesota (203) in producing Division I men’s hockey players. There are 72 women from Mass. playing Division I hockey this season, second only to Minnesota (147). As our friends at Mass. Hockey would say, we are #MassProud!

We hope you enjoyed your year of hockey as much as we did.

From our team to yours, have a very happy holiday season and we look forward to seeing you on the ice in 2017!


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