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We have been training youth hockey players since 1994 . . . and we have no idea where those years went! As we reflect back and look forward (especially to this summer) there is no shortage of success stories from our journey to a best youth hockey school in the United States!

These successes include enhancements in our training regiments, drills that evolve each and every year to give youth hockey players the best chance to succeed, and also some thrills such as the dozens of players who have gone on to play prep, junior, college and even professionally! 

In many of our Player Tips articles we talk about the fact that youth hockey development is a marathon, it is not a sprint. It takes time to master all of the skills necessary to become a complete hockey player, and it does not happen overnight. 

We also talk about setting goals for your summer hockey training. Setting goals should include a realistic look back at your season and identifying which skills you need to work on most. Also which skills you need to learn and bring into the next season. 

Whether it’s skating, shooting, passing, stickhandling or very specific skills such as edgework, our Pro Staff is here to help dial it in! With 28 years of experience we pride ourselves on hiring the best staff possible so that each and every ice session is an opportunity to tap into knowledgeable coaches who know the game and care about your development. 

In addition to our on-ice success we have also had plenty of off-ice thrills, such as the time we encountered a giant black bear at our Alaska camp, talk about intimidation! 

We invite you to experience our skills, drills and thrills this summer at one of our camps located in 11 states. We have limited spots still available at select locations and would love to help take your game to the next level.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you on the ice this summer!


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