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Hockey’s New Frontier

Posted by Greg Carter

Given the crazy world we are currently living in, Summer Hockey School was awesome, but also challenging. It was super fun and worth it each and every time we hit the ice but we couldn’t help but think:

What’s in store for the future of hockey?

While no one could have predicted what has occurred over the past six months, and nobody has a crystal ball to forecast what the next six will bring, we did have a summer of hockey that gave us a glimpse of the future.

We experienced summer hockey like never before. Rink restrictions put in place allowed us to skate, but made for a challenge. Was it all worth it? Absolutely! We collectively found an entire new appreciation for everything that makes this great game so great!

Beginning with the most basic desire to simply have a place to skate, everyone attending summer hockey camp seemed to act like they had one of the Golden Tickets to get into Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. And once inside (while there were no Oompa Loompa’s) everyone treated arena staff, coaches and each other like Mr. Wonka himself.

And once we hit the ice, wow! At many camps the smiles and pure excitement reminded coaches and training staff of some of the early days coaching Mites and Squirts when those young faces would smile through the entire practice. A genuine love for the game!

Skill development using The CARTER Method is something that we have focused on at our camps for more than two decades. This summer we can say that the players were as driven, dedicated, focused and worked as hard as any summer we have been in business. 

So what does all of this mean for hockey in the ‘New Frontier”?

We believe that players, parents, coaches and everyone involved with the game will have a renewed sense of community and that the ‘celebration’ of the game, and the pride of being a hockey player – a good hockey player – will be stronger than ever. 

Being at the rink will just plain feel good. 

Practicing skills at home in anticipation of getting to the rink will become more prevalent. 

Working hard during practice will be the norm. 

Enjoying a Gatorade after will never have tasted better.

We all have missed the game and although we had some great summer hockey camps, returning to the rink on a regular basis this fall will be nothing short of awesome.

Thank you to everyone who attended one of our camps this summer! We wish you the best of luck as you start your journey into the new season, and this New Frontier!


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