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Greg Carter Hockey Camp

As youth hockey players plan their goals for training at summer hockey school, keep in mind these 3 key traits that are common among the best hockey players in their pursuit of greatness:


Many years ago at summer hockey camp we were running a drill focusing on edgework. It was a fairly technical skating drill and required players to concentrate on their inside and outside edges. After a few repetitions of the drill one player seemed to be just going through the motions. I skated over and asked that player if he knew why we were doing the drill. The response was ‘To finish it and get back in line to do it over again’. As I explained the purpose of the drill and importance of edgework, and how it fits into stride and great skating, I could see the lightbulb turn on. The better the stride, the faster the skater and potentially, the more goals he would score! Suddenly his passion for this technical drill exploded.

Practice and play with passion. 


Continually working on becoming a better hockey player is a key to success. At summer hockey school we teach skills that once learned, can be repeatedly practiced throughout the year. We identify fundamentals that need improvement and focus on teaching – using the CARTER Method – the proper way to train. The best players are relentless in their pursuit of greatness and never give up trying to master a skill.

Be persistent and you will reach your goals! 


We have talked about the importance of patience many times in our Player Tips section of our website. There is no fast track to the “A” team and success definitely does not happen overnight. Hockey development is a marathon, not a sprint. If youth hockey players approach summer hockey school and each practice and game with passion and persistence they are well on your way to maximizing your full potential.

Stick to your goals, keep your eye on the prize and be patient!

Thank you for reading! As an official partner of Mass. Hockey, we invite you to train with us this summer at one of our hockey camps in cities across 11 states, including Concord, Massachusetts. Space is limited at most locations to be sure to claim your spot in the starting lineup before they’re gone!


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