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Can you see a “C” in me?

Posted by Greg Carter

As youth hockey seasons begin across the United States, players are working their way into roles and responsibilities on the team. One of the biggest early season decisions is selecting a captain for the team. Are you captain material?

The definition of a leader is “the power or ability to lead other people”. Characteristics of a leader are similar, whether in sport, business or virtually any discipline. A leader is someone who inspires and motivates. They are humble, intuitive, dedicated and often times the hardest workers.

When hockey teams vote on who deserves the honor of wearing the “C”, teammates and coaches make their decision based on ability to lead. This should not be a popularity contest or an honor simply given to the best player on the team.

So what does it really mean to be a team captain?
A captain and leader:

* Is respectful of teammates as well as the game of hockey. 

* Has a deep desire to win, to work hard and to inspire others to work just as hard.

* Is honest and trustworthy.

* Sets good examples in the good times, and well as during the challenging moments of the season.  

There are plenty of examples in everyday life of what defines leaders and captains, as well as unfortunate situations that do not define leadership. For youth hockey players and captains, it’s important to remember that captaincy is a special honor, and one to be taken seriously on behalf of both teammates and coaches who look to their captain for leadership. Remember that the role of the captain and leader also extends beyond the ice, into the locker room and into daily life.

The following is one of our favorite quotes regarding leadership:

 “The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.”

Thanks for reading and we hope you are have a great start to the season and of course, that you elect a great captain – and leader – for your team!


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