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Don’t Think You Ever Deserve It

Posted by Greg Carter

When you think about choosing the right summer hockey camp this summer, think about this bit of this sage advice given by Rip at the Dutton Ranch to the young boy Carter. What does it have to do with youth hockey? Actually, quite a bit.

The best hockey teams have talent, they are selfless and play as a team, they have a burning desire to win and above all, they possess a super strong work ethic.

Several of our Pro Tips articles have focused on Doing The Little Things that end up making a big difference. To Beat You I’m Going To Out Work You is great advice about staying focused and to never quit learning, developing skills and working hard. Said another way, the best players aren’t ever satisfied and always have an appetite for more. 

Whether hitting the ice for the first practice after making the team or scoring a big goal to get to the championship game, the best players understand that once ‘they have arrived’ that is when the work really begins. Great players don’t think they deserve anything. Great players are never satisfied. Nothing is given and everything is earned.

Some of the best players that I have coached over the years are also the players that are the most excited when they make the team. And not just because they made the team, but more importantly, because they are one step closer to becoming a better player. These are the players that show up everyday, work hard on skill development and never take their position on the team for granted.

Perhaps it is said best by these two recent quotes from great hockey players:

Jack LaFontaine, a goalie playing NCAA hockey this season, recently signed a rare, mid-season contract to leave the college ranks to play professionally. “I just got a ticket to the dance, so now it’s time to come work even harder.

When NHL’er Nate Prosser announced his retirement recently, he said of playing in the top league in the world “Every day was a tryout.”

Just like Rip told Carter, if you want to last, don’t think you ever deserve it.

Thanks for reading and we invite you to train with us this summer at one of our summer hockey school’s located in 11 states. Our Pro Staff will provide instruction using The CARTER Method to help players reach their full potential. If you are a player that is never satisfied and always looking to get better, we’ve got a great training program for you! 


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