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A Positive Puck Plan For 2023!

Posted by Greg Carter

When it comes to taking your game to the next level, here are 3 great ways this year to become a better player!

Do The Little Things. All great goal scorers have shot the puck in the driveway thousands of times and scored the winning goal in their head over and over. And over. All great skaters have focused to exhaustion on the fundamentals of power skating. All great passers have developed exceptional hand eye coordination after practicing tens of thousands of hours. It’s always doing the little things that add up to the big things.

Listen To Your Coaches. Some of the best tips and tricks players will receive are from the people standing behind the bench. Experience and expertise are two things that young hockey players don’t have and when a coach – many who have ‘been there’ and ‘done that’ – is willing to help accelerate your development by not making the same mistakes that they did, or by passing on knowledge that a coach gave them to be successful, soak it up!

Have Fun & Be Creative. While it’s hard to watch a youth hockey player make a mistake, development includes making, and learning from mistakes, particularly when they are born out of creativeness. Be willing to try to make that extra deke or dangle. Be willing to have fun while winning. Be willing to take a chance at being great!

From our team to yours, Happy New Year and we wish you the very best this season! Our Summer 2023 Hockey Schools are filling faster than ever, and for a limited time you can take advantage of our Early Bird Discount. For details and dates, click here.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you at the rink!


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