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Hit a Grand Slam Skating This Summer!

Posted by Greg Carter

We are beyond excited for our 29th year of summer hockey school and we invite you to train the CARTER method with us!

With pitchers and catchers recently reporting for spring training and the start of baseball season, we thought we’d weave in a little baseball talk as we ramp up for what is sure to be a great summer of skating.

Training the CARTER method has been a home run for players attending our hockey school. What exactly is the CARTER method?

C=Control. Our hockey camps educate students on the importance of body control. We have designed a sequence of drills to help them understand and enhance body movements to improve their overall balance and body posture.

A = Agility. Our unique training methods focus on quick lateral movements and foot work. With proper body control and weigh distribution, students will develop evasive techniques, making them more effective hockey players.

R = Reflex. Hockey is a read and react game. Reflexes and split second decisions affect the game. Increasing your hockey skills helps improve all aspects of the game. Through the CARTER METHOD we raise the level of play and quicken your reflexes.

T = Technique. We teach and improve hockey techniques under controlled situations and through repetition. We then incorporate speed once the proper techniques have been mastered.

E = Edge. Edges are challenged and enhanced throughout the week using control and overspeed drills. Edges are incorporated into the skating stride through Power Skating and Dynamic Skating.

R = Retention. Individual Skill Development. All of the Greg Carter Schools work on total skill development through the use of European training equipment, parallel bars and carousels.

It’s time to step up to the plate and knock it out of the park! We invite you to train with us at one of our 2023 youth hockey camps located in 12 states! Many camps are nearly sold out! For dates, details and more information, CLICK HERE.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you at the rink soon!


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